McDonalds – When Their Tastebuds are Tickled

Not Lovin' It

Not Lovin’ It (Photo credit: gmcmullen)

mcdonalds feed

mcdonalds feed (Photo credit: ford)

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald (Photo credit: duncan)

Dear Mr. Don Thompson,

For decades, McDonald’s has sought to undermine the efforts of parents to feed their kids healthfully by inundating our children with marketing. I, along with tens of thousands of others, are fed up with McDonald’s efforts to shape the eating habits of our nation’s children. Today, during your shareholders’ meeting I’m joining students who are calling in from across the country and mom bloggers who are at your meeting conveying the message: mom’s are not lovin’ your predatory marketing to kids. Please end McDonald’s junk food marketing to kids.

May I also recommend what I believe is the ‘wave of the future’ in the fast food industry: and that is to find a way to affordably market sustainable, organic, whole foods in a more simple, elegant recipe approach.  Listen to the hearbeat of scientific research, common sense, and mothers’ instincts, which all suggest that a more simple, whole organic foods, back-to-basics approach will not only appeal to parents (just look at market trends on wall street), but that kids too understand when they are being fed ‘crap made to taste good.’  They are smart enough to know that sometimes, when their tastebuds are being tickled, it’s at the dire expense of their bodies being defrauded.  They understand this, because we are teaching it to them.


Emily Carroll, Concerned Mom of 3 – ages 12, 10, and 8